All MoveGB memberships include these great features

Staying active is hard enough, we make it easy.

MoveGB isn't just a fitness membership, it's a lifestyle membership. All memberships include...

Personal coaching service

What is a personal coach?

Every member is assigned a MoveGB coach to help you find new workouts and keep you motivated. Our coaching team includes personal trainers who keep track of your routines and are on hand to keep you moving!

100s of venues in your area

Easily find your local venues

MoveGB Mobile App with booking

No membership cards or cash needed, just search and book

Up to 90% savings on complementary activities

These are awesome high value activities that complement your routine, like personal training and massage.

Select a membership plan to fit your lifestyle

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7 days free followed by £1.25/week, 4 week rolling contract, cancel any time
Unlimited use of 2 venues in Bristol, and 100's more across the UK
1000s of activities including Gym, Swimming, Yoga, Spin, Climbing... whatever moves you! Concierge assistance 7 days a week Savings on complementary services such as PT, massage and physio
Free use of 2 venues
Discounted access at 579 venues