Peckham Krav Maga - FEKM

135 Rye Lane, London, Greater London, SE15 4ST, United Kingdom

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Krav Maga Self-Defence:

Learn the world's number one self-defence in a friendly, professional environment - GET FIT, GET CONFIDENT whilst developing a skill that will influence all areas of your life!

Our Background:

Tulse Hill Krav Maga was founded by Remi Lessore in 2007 under the supervision of Gilles Hassine (FEKM). We moved to West Norwood, Gipsy Hill & then to Brixton. More instructors qualified & new branches opened in West Norwood Leisure Centre & then Peckham as we developed the UK branch of the European Federation of Krav Maga, FEKM-UK.

What is Krav Maga?


Krav Maga literally means contact combat in Hebrew. It was originally developed by Imi Lichtenfeld, a gymnast, wrestler & boxer, in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia to help protect the community against fascist gangs in the 1930s. In 1948 Imi became Chief Instructor of Physical Fitness & Krav Maga for the Israeli Defence Force (IDF). He started the IKMA (Israeli Krav Maga Association) in 1978, following which the FBI sent 22 people to Israel to attend a Krav Maga Basic Instructor Course thereby beginning the international expansion & hence to our own shores. It is now studied by military & police worldwide, by private & public organisations responsible for security &, above all private citizens seeking greater safety, confidence, fitness & speaking for the FEKM, a real atmosphere of friendship & common purpose.

It’s notoriety has brought Krav Maga to the big screen in films such as The Debt, the Taken series with Liam Neeson, Enough with Jennifer Lopez, Jack Reacher & the Mission Impossible series with Tom Cruise, Expendables with Jason Statham, Daniel Craig’s James Bond, The Debt: Welcome To The Mission, & The Gunman with Sean Penn.

Steam Room


Krav Maga Self-Defence

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