Monday Yoga For Everyone

Town Hall, The Island, Midsomer Norton, Bath and North East Somerset, BA3 2HQ, United Kingdom

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Emma welcomes you to her weekly yoga classes for everyone with yoga nidra. Every Monday evening 7.00pm - 8.30pm

Yoga is great for relaxation, fitness, flexibility and the feel-good factor! You don't need any prior experience of yoga to attend and the classes cater for all ages, levels and experience. We guarantee it will make you feel amazing!

In addition, Emma teaches the profoundly deep practice of yoga nidra at the end of every class. Yoga nidra is a life-changing relaxation practice that has enabled people to relax more deeply than they ever thought possible and help them sleep better at night.

Emma's classes start with a period of relaxation, to help you let the cares of the day slip away. You then practice breathing exercises designed to help you breathe more fully and easily and strengthen the diaphragm. The class then follows a series of yoga poses that take you through every part of the body, followed by a calming breathing exercise and then lying down for yoga nidra relaxation.

Emma is passionate about the restorative power of yoga and believes that everyone can derive benefit from a class. Her classes are geared towards you as an individual and suitable for people who want a gentle class as well as experienced yoga practitioners who wish to be challenged!

What to bring: A yoga mat, blanket and at least two pillows (please bring as much as you need to be comfortable and warm lying on the floor for at least 25 minutes. Most people arrive as if they are about to go camping!). Wear loose, comfortable clothes.

A package of mat, block, cushion, pillow, sheepskin and blanket for £8 if you book in advance.

Want to know what a class is like from a student's perspective? Read what Allison MacKenzie thought below:

I thought that doing yoga would be a good idea because I don’t make enough time for myself. I also need to concentrate on my core being and I needed something that was going to focus myself because I’m not easily motivated into exercise and what I particularly liked about yoga was it’s challenging but not so challenging that it makes me feel like I can’t achieve it.

I suffer from lower back pain, I have sore feet, I have terribly tense shoulders. I think I suffer mostly from stress symptoms and sometimes I have a bit of a clicky hip because I do a lot of walking and standing on crowded public transport.

After doing yoga with you, I discovered that I’m more flexible in some areas than I realised. I also realised that one side of my body moves in a different way to the other side of my body. I discovered that I had tensions in my body that I hadn’t realised, so when we were lying down with my feet against the wall, I felt some discomfort in my back, but it wasn’t a bad discomfort, it was kind of a good pain, that makes you feel like things are being nurtured or relieved. So there were quite a lot of positions that you put me in that made me feel a positive uncomfortableness.

Also, one of the things about the yoga with you, is that I felt very empowered doing a lot of it. You give a great sense of achievement. Partly in the way you encourage, and the way you explain and the way your expectation levels are set absolutely spot on with the people you’ve got in your class so that everything we did, none of us felt embarrassed that we couldn’t do it, and you gave us all sorts of levels of possibilities, but everything seemed achievable. I didn’t feel scared of anything. And anything I did feel anxious about, you just handled so beautifully as if it was really nothing to worry about at all and so for someone who doesn’t do much exercise, and isn’t terribly body confident at all, I found it an absolute pleasure.

I specifically liked some of the stretches for my back, I liked doing the half moon because I didn’t think I could do it, and to be honest, anything you gave me encouragement for I was loving it. So if I did something well, partly I knew I was probably doing it well, but then you made me feel so good, and that gave me great pleasure, and then you feel more confident. Because obviously there are certain positions that I just can’t do and I can’t follow properly because I’m a complete novice and my body’s not used to behaving in that way, but there are certain things I found I could do like the half moon, I loved the tree, I loved anything with our feet against the wall, and then doing the shoulder stand, because you say ‘of course you can do it’ but if I was looking at someone doing it, I’d be like ‘well I’m not doing that’. You just make you feel ‘yeah, okay!’ You make it sound like it’s just another thing that you’re doing, like any other stretch and looking back, it probably was quite a big thing for me.

One of the benefits of doing yoga with you is your voice. You have this calming, controlling voice. And when you’re explaining things, well two things actually, one is the way you say things and then obviously what you say. When you’re explaining something, you're incredibly clear, you position your body in such a beautiful way, that makes it incredibly clear what we’re trying to do and the terminology you use works. I’m a complete novice, and everything you explained I got, completely. But then that’s the exercises, but when it came to the relaxation, that flatness of your voice (but in a good way!), that didn’t intonate in any way, didn’t modulate, which meant that I fell asleep because I was so relaxed. I mean I could hear you, but you disappeared, you were just there somewhere, but both times in the class you completely got me because you’ve just got the right tone completely. So one benefit is the way you speak and the other is what you say. And another benefit is the pace because you tailored the class to the expertise of those in it, it just flowed. The flow of the class was just beautiful, it didn’t feel like we were pushing ourselves too hard, but we did a lot. The variety was amazing, but you just tailored it all to us so it felt very very comfortable. And if we were more advanced then you would push us harder, and if we were even more inexperienced then you would have done less. You’re very intuitive with reading the people in your class.

I would recommend yoga with Emma because you’re nurturing and it’s an excellent way to feel good about yourself and to focus your body and your mind. You challenge and push us just hard enough for you to walk out of your yoga class feeling like you’ve achieved something without feeling so intimidated that you couldn't do it again so you push hard enough to challenge your body and mind but you don’t overdo it do you feel broken or nervous to do it again, and I just have to say that afterwards I felt absolutely amazing and that’s a really additive feeling, and a rare feeling, I don’t feel that good about myself or my mind doesn’t feel that still hardly ever.

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