Mojo Fitness Harrogate - Allhallowgate Hall Ripon

Allhallowgate Hall Ripon, Victoria Grove, Ripon HG4 1LG, UK

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First of all this isn’t about us, it’s about you and us helping you to regain, improve, maintain your fitness and well being now and for the future. It’s the best investment you can make. Congratulations! You have just taken the hardest step towards getting your MoJo back and keeping it by simply visiting our page.

Fitness isn’t just physical it’s mental, social, nutritional and emotional as well. So, let’s ask you a few questions:- Do you want to lose weight or tone up without going to a gym?

Are you fed up with trying lots of different ways to get fit and none really seem to work for you?

Don’t want to be judged or be embarrassed?

Is your back pain taking over your life? Do you struggle to move well and feel as stiff as a board?

Is your back and rest of your body suffering as a result of your job or lifestyle? Have you thought about joining a class, but don’t know where to start?

These are just some of the things our existing clients said before they tried out a complementary session with MoJo Fitness. If these are the sort of questions that resonate with you, we would like to invite you to a session on us.

Let us know what time/day is convenient and we will send you details of classes / 121 sessions available. There is no obligation to join, but if you do decide to invest in ‘getting your MoJo back and keeping it’, we have lots of flexible, affordable options for you to choose from.

To claim a complementary session just click on Book Now on our page MJ Fitness Harrogate and we will send you a complementary session voucher, screening form and privacy policy. Our classes do get booked up fast, so registering is essential.

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Rosie SRated 10 / 10

This has transformed my fitness! The flexibility of being able to go to a variety of places/classes has been super convenient - it works for me in loads of cities and I can team up with different friends to try new classes.

Giles MRated 10 / 10

Been doing it for about two and a half years and love it. So many choices at such a great price. And the motivational messages are always a good little spark to keep you focused.

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