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Yoga concentrates on posture, strengthening and stretching of the muscles.It will help to increase flexibility and muscle strength.


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Kathryn M.

Rated 6 / 107 May 2021

unusual class, enjoyed & quite full on, but got wrong names for postures & did a routine on the right side which was missed out on the left, I kept thinking we’d go back to do it, but didn’t & she said ooh I’ve missed out a chunk it doesn’t matter 🤔

Kathleen B.

Rated 10 / 1024 Mar 2021

I love my yoga sessions with Hansa! She leads us gently through a good range of exercises which challenge us to work kindly with our bodies so that we always feel better at the end of our sessions. Highly recommended!

Joyce B.

Rated 10 / 1011 Mar 2021

Always good with Hansa. Simple clear instructions allowing alternative postures etc. If necessary.

Clare R.

Rated 10 / 1025 Feb 2021

Thanks Hansa...so good to be back....a long time since I've said "Om Shanti" xx

Jacquie C.

Rated 10 / 1013 Feb 2021

Love this class much needed in these stressful times

Reidun S.

Rated 10 / 1026 Jan 2021

My favourite weekly class. Helps me focus, and relax. Hansa is very good.

Paula B.

Rated 10 / 1014 Jan 2021

An excellent yoga class. Enjoyed it very much.

Karen D.

Rated 10 / 1010 Jan 2021

Great Class. I wouldn't miss it!

Dale M.

Rated 10 / 106 Jan 2021

Can't wait to resume after xmas break, great class

Jacqueline H.

Rated 10 / 104 Jan 2021

I really enjoy Hansa’s yoga sessions. A good mix of old moves, a few new moves and relaxation at the end.

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